Children’s Speech and Language Therapy in LB Bromley

15:51 06 November in Local News

As you know there have been quite a few changes across SEN provision in the past year. The Speech and Language Therapy service is also experiencing increasing demand and they want to consider how to continue to deliver an effective service for children and families that need it.

LB Bromley, Bromley CCG and Bromley Healthcare in partnership with Bromley Parent Voice are undertaking a review of Children’s speech and language therapy in Bromley.  This isn’t a formal consultation exercise but we really value your views and ideas on how things work currently and how you think they could work better in the future. We are looking for ways to get the most out of the services within the given/limited budget available.

Thank you to those parents who attended the recent focus groups.   These focus groups are part of a project gathering different types of information on speech and language therapy needs of children in Bromley which will be used to develop a strategy for how the services will be provided in the future. We are also looking at data from the service, talking to other professionals, schools and early years settings, and also seeing how things are done in other boroughs.

A number of parents who were not able to make these groups have asked how they can feed their views back.  We would really like to hear about your experience of Speech and Language in LB Bromley in the following areas:

  1. Referral
  2. First appointment/initial assessment
  3. Experience of therapy
  4. Working together (with parents, other therapists, schools and pre-school settings)
  5. Discharge

Whilst we are happy to better understand where you think things aren’t going so well, we’d really like to also focus on the things that do work well and that you really like about the service, as well as your ideas and solutions for how things could work differently.

If you would like to contribute your views to this project please email Bromley Parent Voice at by Friday 13th November 2015.

Thank you.

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