Details of local and national consultations affecting children and young people with a disability or additional need will be detailed here.

‘Consultation is a step up from simply giving information as it requires a two-way communication. Bromley Parent Voice host regular open meetings and focus groups to seek parents views on how services can be improved. Formal consultations are held when changes to services are planned. As many parents as possible should be informed about proposed changes to a service and invited to give their ideas and raise concerns about the proposals before final decisions are made. Parents’ views can change process and decision making.’

Local Consultations

IASS - draft new minimum standards

IASS – draft new minimum standards
Read here the consultation draft of the new minimum standards for Information Advice and Support Services (IASS, sometimes known as SENDIASS), a definition of advocacy as used by IASS and a feedback survey:

These are part of the IAS programme and will be the basis of the future operational plans and linked funding in 19/20. Please see for more information on the Information, Advice and Support Programme. We welcome all feedback and comments, the consultation period will close on Monday 3rd September 2018.

Riverside Nursery Consultation 2017

Proposal to establish 18 part-time specialist nursery places at Riverside School from January 2018

Bromley Council continues to explore ways of delivering high quality services for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

The proposal

The Council is proposing to increase provision in Riverside School to provide up to 18 part-time places for nursery age children with complex needs – from the age of three years old.

This will enable them to access appropriate resources and interventions at the earliest possible stage in their school lives. It is anticipated that following assessment these children would be likely to require a special school in order to meet their needs.

Click here to read the Riverside Letter and Report.

BPV has sent a response to the Consultation, click here to read.

Local Area SEND Consultation Response

The inspection of local areas’ effectiveness in identifying and meeting the needs of disabled children and young people and those who have special educational needs.

Read here BPV’s Response to the consultation

SEN Transport Review

Bromley Council is reviewing its policy for the provision of transport assistance for children and young people with a statement of special education needs, or an Education, Health & Care Plan, and would value your views to inform the development of the new policy.


Thank you to all those parents that contributed towards the SEN transport report. The Bromley Parent Voice report can now be viewed, please click here

BPV have sent this report into council members via the Members & Officers Working Group for Special Educational Needs. We intend it to inform the SEN travel assistance consultation as well as commenting on current service.

Adult Transport Policy Consultation

This Survey is now Closed – for information only

The Council would like to hear your views on the new policy for adult transport, especially if you already use Council-funded transport for adults or might do in the future or if you are a carer of someone who does.

If someone is going to attend day activities the policy states how they will be assessed to see if they need to use council-funded transport for adults to get there or if there is any other way they can safely get there.

You can take part in the survey at the following link: Adult Transport Policy Consultation or download it here

You can complete the survey on-line or print out a copy and send it back using the free post address on the questionnaire – no stamp is needed.

At the moment no one who already uses Council-funded transport for adults will be affected.

Survey for families of young people aged 18+

Please note this survey has now closed – for information only.

Bromley Council would like your help to encourage the development of a local care and support system for adults in Bromley which will make sure you have:

  • The right support
  • At the right time
  • In the right place
  • For the right price
  • With the right outcomes

Do you live in Bromley and are you 18 years or older? Do you need help or support to stay healthy and independent? Do you think you may need such help or support in the future or do you look after someone in this position?

Let us know what support and services you would like to have available in Bromley in the future to help you remain as independent as possible by completing our survey by Sunday 15 June.  The on-line survey can be found on this link.

More Information: Once you have completed the survey you will be able to find out further information on the subjects covered in the survey on Bromley MyLife.

National Consultations

Proposed changes to the service specification for Tier 4 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services: General Children’s Serviceson

NHS England has launched a 60 day formal public consultation today, to seek feedback on a new specification for CAMHS Tier 4 children’s services. Children’s services are a service category of Tier 4 CAMHS and provided in specific provider units.  The new specification has been developed by talking to clinicians, Allied Health Professionals, public and patient engagement groups and was informed by a period of stakeholder engagement in 2016.

Click here to read more.

GOV UK : Publications - All Consultations

Click here to access Publications for all Consultations.