BPV Team Overview

Bromley Parent Voice is overseen by a board of trustees. The trustees set the direction and strategy on the work of the forum management team & parent/carer representatives. Currently, we are recruiting additional trustees to join the BPV Trustee board, if you would like further information on the trustee roles available please email: info@bromleyparentvoice.org.uk
The steering group performs the daily operational activities for the forum. The parent/carer representatives also carry out the parent/carer engagement work on behalf of the forum. .
All are responsible for representing the views of a wider group of parents. Each member has a system of networking and disseminating information to other parents. The Parent Voice steering group meets regularly to plan work and it also works collaboratively with external stakeholders and local voluntary organisations to reach a wider group of parent/carers. The trustees meet monthly online and the meeting times are arranged for the convenience of parents/carers.
Bromley Parent Voice is a member of the Bromley Volunteer Sector Trust (BVST), Community Links Bromley (CLB) and the Bromley Children and Families Forum (BCFF).  This enables Bromley parents to have a voice within, and learn from, local voluntary sector & partnership organisations as well as supporting & promoting SEND parental/carer engagement within Bromley.
Helen Buckley
Inge Lake
Tanya Smith
Steering Group:
Kayla Dodd
Kerry DeMello
Cherry Masterton
Jo Seymour
Atikah Chowdhury