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Annual Conference – October 2018

Celebrating 10 Years of Being Here for You….

Each year Bromley Parent Voice hosts a free conference for parents/carers of disabled children and young people. The aim of the Conferences is to provide information to parent and carers of the range of services available statutory, voluntary and national organisations, together with a series of workshops designed to inform and empower parents.

The Celebrating 10 Years of Being Here for You Conference was held on Thursday 4th October at the Warren. Bromley Parent Voice has been improving the life outcomes of children and young people affected by disability and special educational needs for ten years. We looked back and showed what has been learnt from local families who received support from BPV. The London Borough of Bromley also attended and gave a presentation around SEND 4 Change. Bromley Parent Voice Parent/Carers made a contribution to SEND 4 Change project to help shape the future priorities for services in Bromley.

Read all the inspirational presentations below.

Wasn’t able to make the Conference? Would you like a copy of the presentations by the Speakers on the day?

Celebrating 10 Years of Being Here for You
Conference Presentations
4th October 2018

Here’s what the parents told us:

Helped me join the dots - thanks BPV.
Relevant, Current, Interactive, Personal, Professional and Great!
Wonderful event with great talks from great people!

Past conference themes

  • 2010 – Life Beyond the Disability
  • 2011 – Every Family Matters
  • 2012 – Raising Aspirations for the future
  • 2013 – Their Rights Your Responsibility

  • 2014 – Achieving Aspirations
  • 2015 – The Power of Parents
  • 2016 – Time for Me
  • 2017 – Thinking Ahead (March)

  • 2017 – Time for change… What does a good SEND offer look like for LB Bromley (October)
  • 2018 – Celebrating 10 Years of Being Here for You

Past Conference Presentations

Time for Change – Conference Presentations – 12th October 2017

Thinking Ahead – Conference Presentations – 10th March 2017