Bromley Short Breaks

From 1st April 2011 there is a new duty on local authorities to provide ‘breaks from caring,’ to assist parents and others who provide care for disabled children to continue to do so, or do so more effectively.’

The Short Break Regulations state that breaks should be provided to those for whom a break from their caring responsibilities will improve the quality of the care they provide, as well as to those struggling to care for disabled children.

  • Short breaks should be preventive not just be provided as a ‘crisis intervention’.
  • Short breaks should support carers, but also provide benefits to disabled children.

  • Short break services should also consider siblings as part of the family assessment.
  • Short break services should be provided to families whose children have profound and multiple disabilities.

A short breaks service must comprise of a range of short breaks including:

  • Daytime care in or outside of the child’s home

  • Overnight care in or outside of the child’s home

  • Educational and leisure activities

These services must be available in the evenings, weekends and during the school holidays.

Short Breaks are offered by the London Borough of Bromley to support disabled children and young people and their families. From April 2011, all local authorities have a duty to provide short breaks and have the Short Break Services Statement. This statement must be reviewed annually in partnership with parents, carers and disabled children and young people, professionals and other interested parties.

This Statement must set out details of:

  • The range of services provided

  • Eligibility criteria – who is eligible for breaks?

  • How the range of services is designed to meet the needs of carers in Bromley

The following documents are available to download by clicking here:

For more information, please contact please call the duty social worker on 0208 313 4511.

During 2014 the Local Authority have been reviewing the Short Breaks provision in Bromley. BPV have been involved in the consultation and held a number of parent focus groups to hear parents views.

Please click here to read BPV’s response to the consultation.

Representatives from BPV continue to meet with Local Authority officers on a regular basis regarding Short Break. Our latest update is available by clicking here.

Here is the latest update from the Local Authority on the short term and long term plans for Short Breaks – Short Breaks Update July 2014