Independent Living – What options are there for independent living?

Housing for people with disabilities.

There are a range of supported housing schemes within the Borough which aim to meet the different accommodation needs of people with learning disabilities.

These include:House in palm of hands - specialist housing for people with learning disability

  • Shared Lives placement – this means living with people in their family home.  Sometimes it is one person and sometimes it is with a family.  The person you live with is called a Shared Lives Carer.
  • Supported Living:  means being able to chose where you live – you might live on your own or share with other people.  Some people may need some support to live in their own home because they cannot manage by themselves.
  • Keyring Housing is a service which provides support for vulnerable people in the community, encouraging independence and supporting them to maintain their tenancies and rent payments. If you are interested in learning more about the Keyring service, please talk to the Community Learning Disability Team.
  • Your own home, there are a lot of ways you can get your own home:
  • Rent it – from another person
  • Rent it – from a Housing Association
  • Buy it – for yourself
  • Residential Care – there are some people who need a bit more help to look after themselves and they can live in a house with others. There are support workers that are able to help you.  If you live in residential care you will have your own room with your own things and people around who can help you.

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