Colleges & Further Educations – Where can you move on to and benefits to help

All young people are required to participate in some form of education or training until after their 18th Birthday – however, they don’t have to stay in school. So where can you move on too. Here is some information to help with available options.

Nash College Logo

London South East Colleges provides outstanding education and training for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities across three of our sites.

Website: Bromley College

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Nash College is an independent specialist college for learners with moderate to profound learning disabilities. In addition, students may have physical disabilities or complex medical needs, and some have autism.

Website: NASH College

Natspec is the membership body for organisations who specialise in providing for students with learning difficulties and disabilities. Our colleges give young people the chance to become more independent and to learn in an exciting environment with personal support. Natspec believes that young people with learning difficulties or disabilities should be encouraged to have high aspirations for the future, and should be able to choose the college that will best enable them to achieve their goals.

Website: Natspect