Age 19+

Age 19+

Young people with SEND are not automatically entitled to maintain their EHC Plan after they turn 19 years.

The majority of young people with EHC plans will complete further education with their peers by age 19. However it is recognised that some young people with SEND need longer to complete and consolidate their education and training. The length of time will vary according to each young person and be based very much on an individual basis, with the young person at the centre of the process.

Daytime Activities

  • Moves to Further Education (if this supports outcomes in EHC Plan)
  • Remains in Further Education (if this supports outcomes in Plan)
  • Moves to Higher Education (EHC Plan and LA support ceases)
  • Moves to an Apprenticeship (EHC Plan continues potentially)
  • Paid Work (EHC Plan ceases)
  • Moves to Supported Internship (EHC Plan continues)
  • Work Experience (EHC Plan ceases)
  • Volunteering (EHC Plan ceases)
  • Specialist College (EHC Plan continues)
  • Daytime activities via Adult Social Care, if eligible, or independent daytime activities (EHC Plan ceases)

Independence & Living

  • May live at home
  • May live independently away from family home (& possibly receive housing benefit)
  • May move to supported living, if eligible (& receive housing benefit)
  • May live at College or in a Residential Care setting


  • May access healthcare independently
  • May access healthcare with support from specialist settings
  • May rely on family for good access to healthcare
  • Will attend annual GP Health Check

Post Age 25

  • EHC Plan ceases if not ceased already
  • Provision should be in place for the medium term
  • Assessments can be carried out at any age for Adult Social Care & Health
  • Carer’s Assessments can also be requested at any stage
  • Personal budgets & direct payments (if entitled and in receipt) will be reviewed annually
  • Health care plans will be reviewed annually