SEND Reforms Implementation Thematic Work Stream

10:36 08 June in Local News

Towards the close of last year there were a few changes at Bromley Local Authority. One of these was the appointment of Ade Adetosoye OBE to the roles of Deputy Chief Executive & Executive Director Education, Care and Health Services.

Mr Adetosoye soon recognised the need to develop an overarching strategy to inform all children’s services across the borough. BPV have been included in the membership of a newly formed Childrens Executive Board to help develop this strategy.

Alongside this there is still a programme of work to finalise implementation of the reforms of the Children and Families Act 2014. Following a self evaluation exercise the LA have set up a number of thematic work streams to help focus on the areas where there may be issues successfully implementing the reforms.

BPV have two parent representatives on each work stream and are encouraged by the partnership working in each.

The thematic work streams meet with Mr Adetosoye and Jane Bailey (Director of Education) once a month, which allows for an open and honest discussion about what is going well and where the barriers are – that is where the work happens.  Each work stream then feeds into the SEND Implementation group who support with delivery of the day to day details.

In turn the SEND Implementation group look to the SEND Reforms Governance Board, who are working to develop a five year strategy informed in part by the work of the thematic work streams. The Governance board gives direction where the Implementation group feel they need high level decisions, to remove identified barriers. BPV have been included at all levels in this new structure.

It’s fair to say that the pace of work has been a challenge for both the LA and our forum but we see this as a positive step forwards in embracing the cultural changes of the reforms.

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