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14:55 04 May in Local News

LBB have now launched The new Bromley Local Offer website and is ready for you to take a look.

The main changes are detailed below;-

What’s changed

  • Completely rebuilt all the content around 9 core ‘needs’ – such as advice about my child’s development, education & learning, and leisure activities & parks – see
  • Added a new menu option at the top of every page in the ‘local offer’ to aid navigation across the 9 core areas
  • Added a new ‘Need more help?’ signposting link to the IASS at the bottom of every page in the ‘local offer’
  • Made each page shortly, more focused and more ‘active’ for the user with more buttons and drop down boxes
  • Used a new font colours for the headings to give the pages a more ‘current’ feel

What’s new

One of the most exciting parts of the website is that the redesigned pages have also seen the launch of the new on-line Children’s Disability Register for Bromley. The form can be found at It is also available via a link at the bottom of the ‘local offer’ homepage.

There is also a new on-line section for providers of services or activities to inform LBB about what they do. The form can be found at It is also available via a link at the bottom of the ‘local offer’ homepage.

What’s the next steps

This is just the latest part of the development, it is not the end. The Bromley Local Offer website will continue to be developed, updated and kept relevant.

To help to do this, the following will be done:

  • Continue to conduct user testing through a variety of methods and groups, including jointly hosting a session with the CCG with parents & carers via Bromley Parent Voice later in April or May
  • Continue to enhance and expand the activities, clubs & groups content as and when notified & find out about new groups, and as providers send in details out their services using the new form
  • Continue to identify how to improve links from other key websites – such as LBB partner agencies, schools & the Council – to the ‘local offer’
  • Continue to keep the content up to date and accurate as things change and develop – such as the Council’s Short Breaks Statement when this is published later in the year
  • Continue to expand and build up the easy read section of the ‘local offer’

Please do look through the site, see the new bits in action and send in your feedback. Please do send everything in that you notice – either to or through the site feedback box. If you are talking about a problem on a particular page, please can you tell us the name of the page.

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