SEN & Disability Green Paper

22:44 25 August in National News

The Department for Education (DfE) published the Government’s SEN and Disability Green Paper in March 2011 for consultation. The Green paper aims to improve the entire SEN system and proposes a radically different system that:

Supports better life outcomes for young people
Gives parents more confidence by giving them control
Transfers powers to front-line professionals and local communities

The Green Paper proposes:

A new approach to identifying SEN
A single ‘Education, Health and Care Plan’
A local offer of all services available
Parents to have the option of a personal budget by 2014
Giving parents a real choice of school
Greater independence to the assessment of children’s needs

The Green Paper is available by clicking here.

In Autumn 2011 the Department of Health and the Department for Education launched a significant Pathfinder programme to test proposed reforms to services and systems which underpin support for children and young people with a disability or Special Educational Need (SEN).

The London Boroughs of Bromley and Bexley have been successful in jointly becoming one of 21 Pathfinder pilot areas from Autumn 2011 to the end of March 2013.  Each Pathfinder will test different proposals and how they will work with different groups of children and young people with SEN AND Disability and their families.

Bromley has asked to test:

Education, Health and Care Plan
Support to children, young people, parents and carers
Banded Funding
Optional Personal Budgets

Bromley Parent Voice in partnership with the Local Authority have produced a Guide for Parents and Carers in Bromley.  Please click here to download this guide.

Chapter 2 of the Green Paper states:

Parents to be at the heart of decisions made about their child and feel confident that support will be put in place.

In Bromley this will be achieved by working in partnership with parent and carers through:

Parental involvement in all work streams & Core Steering Group
Parent Focus Groups
Awareness Raising events
Parent Guide for Parents and Carers in Bromley
Remuneration & Reward Policy
Good practice guide for Professionals

There are Eight Work Streams in Bromley with Parental involvement in all work streams

  1. Parents, Children’s and Young People Involvement
  2. Personal Budgets
  3. Banded Funding
  4. Early Support and Key Working
  5. Transition from Children’s to Adult Services
  6. Single Plan and Assessment
  7. Panel Processes
  8. Commissioning and Achieving a Local Offer

Next steps:

Trial Single Plan with children and families

Trial key worker model at key transition points, particularly at transition to adult services

Test Local Offer through single point of access

Test how Personal Budgets can be used to fund plan

Develop Banded Funding model and test through Special Schools

Develop work with Bexley and other Pathfinder areas

Results to be fed into the National Pathfinder trials.

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