more than £800m set aside to provide short breaks for disabled children

Parent Participation does make a difference:

10:51 10 September in National News

The government has announced that they are putting aside £800 million to provide short breaks over the next 4 years.  This follows the publication of a new evaluation of the short breaks programme which shows the positive impact that short breaks can have on families with disabled children – with 88 per cent of families surveyed currently using some form of short breaks service. However, there is more work to be done to better target services and make sure all families have access to a wide range of support.

Funding provided for short breaks will be delivered to local authorities through the Early Intervention Grant. The Government will be providing £198m/£202m/£206m/£210m for short breaks over the next four years. To help improve the way short breaks are provided, the Government is also announcing £40 million of capital investment in 2011-12.

Please find attached two documents.  One answering frequently asked questions raised around the future of short breaks and the other looking at the benefits that have come about as a result of parent forums’ involvement.

Frequently asked questions

TDC report on the benefits of parent forums’ involvement

On October 20th 2010 the Government published its Spending Review. The Spending Review tells us how Government money will be spent over the next four years. Due to the budget deficit this Spending Review has announced a wide range of cuts. EDCM has produced a guide on what the Spending Review may mean for disabled children. There are still a lot of things that we need more information about but this document gives an overview on what we know at the moment. Use the link below to find out more.

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