Independent Support Programme – extended for 2 months

13:34 23 April in Local News

The Independent Support programme has been extended for a further two months, so that parents and young people continue to have access to valuable support as they navigate through the Education, Health and Care (EHC) planning process.

We are pleased to be able to offer support on:

  • Annual Reviews of already existing EHC plans
  • Amendment of already existing plans

In addition, we continue to:

  • provide impartial information and support for you to be confident to express your views
  • prepare One Page Profile OR Part A (Personal Profile)
  • help you prepare for and support you at meetings during the EHC planning process including assessment
  • provide relevant materials and letter templates regarding the process
  • review the proposed EHC plan with you and translate any jargon
  • signpost to further advice and support such as the local Information, Advice and Support Service

Please contact the IS Team on 020 8466 0790 or email for an appointment, further information, or to support you at Annual Review meetings.

You can also visit for further information.

Click here for flyer to print.

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