Developing the Local Offer in Bromley

15:21 01 May in Local News

The Local Offer is about services that are available in Bromley which enables disabled children and young people and their families to know what they can access, how and where. It is services that can be available from 0-25 that can be provided by Health, Education and Social Care but can also be delivered by charities and voluntary organisations. It can also include services that are in a neighbouring borough. It is important that the Local Offer is developed with parents, carers, young people and local services so that they can see how they get help at an earlier stage which can lead to less need for an assessment and helps identify gaps in provision. Bromley Parent Voice have been involved from the start in developing Bromley’s Local Offer.

Please see the briefing note from Council for Disabled children’s website below:

Link to Bromley Local Offer here.

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