Autism 100 Day Challenge

11:54 15 May in Local News

You may be aware that there is currently significant work underway in Bromley to improve life outcomes for children and young people with autism.

We would like to welcome you to the 100 day challenge where we’re going to start acting our way into a new way of thinking. The 100 day challenge is a tried and tested approach to unsticking problems in the system and best of all – it involves everyone. Mixed teams of people, including parents use their variety of experience and expertise to identify the most pressing challenges, set goals and then work together to create and test solutions to them. And it’s all done in 100 days!

The prize is significant. Not only are innovations and opportunities created that make marked improvements to the lives of children and young people with ASC and their families, but also trusted and collaborative relationships are built between practitioners, commissioners, young people and parents – relationships which will shift institutions such as the Local Authority and CCG towards facilitating and contributing to change.

The challenge will help the system move away from traditional ways of offering support – which may be working in some ways and not in others – and in doing so – forging work processes and cultures that are better aligned to create impact where it is most needed. Collaborating together is intuitive and brings us closer to the sorts of ways of working and the results that brought us into the jobs we do.

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Closing Date – 20th May 2019
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