A review of the overnight residential short break provision at Hollybank

16:00 22 September in Local News

LBB and Bromley CCG have started a review of the overnight residential short break provision at Hollybank and are seeking the views of current service users. They are asking whether  Hollybank is the best way for providing overnight short breaks or if there is a different  way to provide overnight breaks for some children and young people.

The SEND agenda is moving towards families having greater  choice and control in how their needs can be met and this review is aimed at ensuring parents/carers will have more choice but also ensuring that LBB & CCG are responsive to the wishes of those who do not wish to see any change to the current service.

Both LBB & CCG review their services on a regular basis; Hollybank has not been singled out –  the service has not had a thorough review for some time.  Hollybank continually receives high commendations from OfSTED and external reviewers which provides important evidence to assist the review; and the opinions of service users is of equal significance which is why the survey is being undertaken.

This survey is aimed at parents/carers of those who use the Hollybank short break service.  Children and young people will be consulted separately.

The survey is open from 16th September to 6th October and we would recommend advise that, if your child/young person attends Hollybank, you make your views known.

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